Spring 2024 - more details will be announced.

Why mediation training?

  • Continuing education credit for paralegals, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, public & mental health professionals, etc.
  • Public & community service opportunities
  • Personal & professional development, acquire or improve your conflict resolution skills

Why CALM mediation training?

  • Meets requirements of CA Business & Professions Code for DRPA funded programs including mock mediations
  • Designed and taught by Linda Hughs, Esq., experience mediator with degrees in law, communication and behavioral science/negotiation & conflict management
  • Member of Greater Antelope Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Southern California Mediation Association

More CALM mediation training attributes that set us apart:

  • Focus on participant autonomy and self-reliance—less reliance on government and the courts. Parties are empowered to create their own agreements.
  • Greater attention to the benefits of privacy and confidentiality
  • Increased awareness of interest-based bargaining versus positional statements. Leverage negotiation strategies.
  • Emphasis on everyday multi-situational communication skills such as customer service, organizational/management uses, and personal/family applications
  • Exploration of physiological effects of conflict and conflict resolution and the positive benefits of parties creating their own agreements.

Those who commit to the 80-hour program may receive the training with no tuition cost. Those who wish to earn only the 40-hour certificate without further obligation will pay tuition of $195.  All those enrolled will pay a $35 materials fee prior to the first session, unless waived for hardship. Refunds or credits may be requested up to the first session less 10% administrative fee.  After the first session, no refunds are permitted. 

For more information please complete the form below. Then, proceed to DONATE link to pay for course. Optional: A resume with photo is highly desirable to be emailed to info@calmnetwork.org.  info@calmnetwork.org.  

CALM Mediation Trainings

The 40-hour training to 'certify' mediators per the Dispute Resolution Programs Act of the California Business and Professions Code is scheduled throughout the year.

To apply, if individuals are able to make a serious commitment to completing the training and those who are able to pledge another 40 hours (total 80) to interning/volunteering, they can apply by going to the contact page.