If you are a mediator who is looking to get more work or experience or just want to become more actively involved in peacemaking, the Center for Alternative Law & Mediation (CALM) is looking for you.

Doing business since 2011 (primarily in the High Desert region of Southern California (pre-COVID)), CALM assists residents in matters such as landlord-tenant, neighbor-neighbor, consumer-merchant, workplace and, increasingly, domestic relations.

Proficiency in virtual/ZOOM mediation is desirable but not required. 

To be considered for CALM's First Tier Mediator Panel, applicants must:

  • Have a minimum of 24 hours of mediation training pursuant to Calif. Bus. & Prof. Code Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA), and
  • Be familiar with and abide by the Mediator Code of Ethics as put forth by Calif. Dispute Resolution Council (CDRC).
  • Agree to provide mediation services for a nominal stipend per case

In addition to the above qualifications, Secord Tier Mediator Panel applicants must:

  • Demonstrate a combination of additional training and/or certifications and experience, and
  • Accept CALM’s standard sliding scale per diem and hourly fees as compensation 

For policy and legal liability purposes, all mediator panelists will demonstrate knowledge in and agree to mediate only in the facilitative or transformational styles.

For further information or to apply interested persons should email their resumes and/or inquiries to info@calmnetwork.org or
call 661-450-8736. All board members, staff and volunteers will be required to complete a 2-3  hour orientation.

Board of Directors

The Center for Alternative Law & Mediation {CALM} is looking for individuals to serve on its Board of Directors. Must be passionate about helping to create opportunities for peace—in families, in schools, in workplaces, and/or in socio-political settings.

The ideal candidate will be able to dedicate time, leadership or other skills, and/or monetary contributions to support the founder’s vision of creating a working public conflict resolution model that can be duplicated in neighboring communities and beyond. All positions are now open for consideration, including board chair, vice chair, secretary-treasurer, assistant secretary, and directors at-large.

Incorporated in 2011, CALM and its volunteer workforce has offered more than 200 local events, trainings and services to southern California residents living primarily in the High Desert region known as the Antelope Valley. Mediations, community outreach, speaker’s bureau, roundtable discussions, networking events, document review and preparation, mediator training, pre-screened referrals, Arts4Peace events and consultations with external organizations, at low or no cost, have ostensibly made a difference in community life and in the lives of individuals.

To continue CALM’s mission of educating, training, and providing mediation/conflict resolution services to general populations, with high priorities on infrastructure, sustainability and credibility, current organizational focus is in three areas:

  1. Fundraising to support hiring an executive director and mediators (as independent contractors),
  2. Development of a well-qualified mediator panel, and
  3. Development of consulting contracts with agencies and organizations such as schools and law enforcement to address their conflict resolution/mediation needs.

Preferred sources of funding include private donors (Friends of CALM}, business/corporate sponsors, private grants and client fees. Currently there is a moratorium on fundraising events due to COVID restrictions and pending the development of a substantial volunteer/intern workforce. Funds will be spent to include "day-to-day" operations.

For further information or to apply interested persons should email their resumes and/or inquiries to info@calmnetwork.org or

call 661-450-8736. All board members, staff and volunteers will be required to complete a 2-3  hour orientation.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Mediator Panel

  • Board of Directors & Admin
  • Office Staff Support
  • Mediators
  • Outreach, Training & Marketing
  • Friends of CALM
  • ​Or become a donor!